Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sitting at Shootout Table, waiting on next table....

Lather. Rinse. Repeat! How many WSOP shootout tables have I won this month?? Too bad they don't count for leader points! Too bad I can't win 4 tables in a row!! Heads up at 3rd table on several occasions. I try not to think about it anymore. There are still a few more chances to win a seat at the WSOP! That's a $12,000 value!

I'm doing fairly well at Razz. Until I get bored. Sometimes those annoying donkies keep you awake with their drama and their annoying other players. But they are just wildcards like there have always been in poker. I think overall the level of the average player has increased dramatically since the inception of poker.

On that note, I was asking a friend how many hands/hr they are probably playing at the local casino in his estimate. I'll double check when I go in person. He said probably 40, maybe 50. I was like wow! I've been playing an avg of about 75 on multiple tables, depending on the game and the people. Tournaments usually are a higher average.

Update: 1 hour and 40 mins later, we are at 2nd table. More updates later. Don't forget to leave comments :)

33 winners of WSOP in 1 room!

Oh what a morning for Daily Eighty Grand, and Weekly Round 2

Strike one. Strike two. Will there be a Strike Three this morning?? I started early on Pokerstars today.

I came back from 62 chips.. back up to about 2k. In the Daily Eighty Grand Satellite. Not to be confused with the actual Daily Eighty Grand. But in the end, went all in with the wrong hand. Now I could talk about how good my hand was, how bad the donkey's hand was, etc... but the end result is the same. You will always have to deal with them, so you have to beat them the same as everyone else. Expecting everyone to play in a certain way is an unreal expectation. Accepting that which you cannot change, and moving forward, is good advice in any area of life. Onward.

In the Weekly Round 2, I did not fare much better. I decided to take a risk, which you have to do if you want to win tournaments, not just survive them, but I became married to my hand, went fishing a little too long. The right card, you appear a genius, or fearless. The wrong card, and you appear the fool, or a novice. But it's all part of the game, or job at this point. And I've worked worse jobs. At least it's more predictable than the stock market!! ;)

I'm going to continue growing this into a worthwhile venture, setting it up all proper and professional. Following through is one of those good habits of the successful.

Here is a chart of my progress so far on the Tournament Leader Boards on Pokerstars. This is what you get when you ask for your points, and they are emailed to you...

Dear ZomBParadox,

PokerStars Tournament Leader Points for the period from 2009/04/29 21:00 PT [2009/04/30 0:00 ET] to 2009/05/31 21:00 PT [2009/06/01 0:00 ET] requested by ZomBParadox ( on 2009/05/31:

162030201SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/05/13 23:42 PTfreeroll346035912.35
164456920SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/05/20 13:42 PTfreeroll700024921.10
164456932Hold'em NL2009/05/20 21:42 PTfreeroll90001597.47
164457011Hold'em NL2009/05/22 13:42 PTfreeroll900052416.49
164457021Hold'em NL2009/05/22 20:22 PTfreeroll900052516.48
163878919Omaha PL2009/05/24 11:00 PTfreeroll658579711.44
166260261SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/05/25 21:42 PTfreeroll39854238.76
166260287Razz2009/05/26 15:02 PTfreeroll562445114.05
166260294Hold'em NL2009/05/26 19:02 PTfreeroll900094112.31
166260380Hold'em NL2009/05/28 21:02 PTfreeroll900014831.03
167619243Hold'em NL2009/05/29 11:18 PT$0.103601526.65
166260405Razz2009/05/29 13:02 PTfreeroll631286110.77
166260406Hold'em NL2009/05/29 13:42 PTfreeroll900091312.49
166260409SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/05/29 15:42 PTfreeroll645150014.29
167730004Hold'em NL2009/05/29 19:39 PT$0.103603716.97
166260420Razz2009/05/29 23:02 PTfreeroll31047126.31
167757495Hold'em NL2009/05/29 23:05 PT$0.019907814.78
166260424SingleDraw2-7 NL2009/05/30 1:42 PTfreeroll374722916.10
Total points:409.84

Thank you for participating.

Not all of the above points may count toward weekly, monthly or annual Leader Board standings. Only the 10 best results will be counted for the weekly rankings, 20 best results for the monthly rankings, and 100 best results for the yearly rankings. For more complete details, please visit:

If you have any questions, please contact " target="_blank" href="">"PokerStars Support"


PokerStars Support Team

Now then, I've got to check out some other poker sites as well. Ultimate Bet.
Why haven't I tried some of these? I'll tell ya why. Because I was planning on putting the minimum that they will match on each site, and haven't had the cash on hand to do that. Yet.

Poker sites take note. I got the impression from Pokerstars, that you only have so long to take advantage of new player offers. I didn't get to play my Juno Invitational money, before it expired. Think I had a month, but I was mostly offline that month. I was bummed. The most I have had on any site so far is 60 cents. Doesn't sound like much, but I've gotten a lot of action for my 60 cents!

Which reminds me, I've got a few emails to send, and some more things to read. It will be quite some time before I am done reading. Because you can never know too much, at anything in life. There is always room to learn more. Make it a way of life.

May 2009, WSOP marks beginning of Poker Career

It's late. 2:20am. I have my headphones on blaring rock or techno, depending on my mood. My eyes are tired. It's been hours since I've had a good hand. Except for the 3 good hands that I took badbeats on...
I am out of the tournament with over $2million in the prize pool! 320,000 to the winner. Play money, that is!
However, without ever having deposited any money, I won $0.40 actual money. That's 40 cents. What am I going to do with that? Well, I'll tell you what I've done with it, and how I got it.

Freerolls. Tournaments that cost you no actual money to enter. The big ones are satellites where 1 to 72 people win a ticket to go on to the next tournament. And there, you can win CASH! Not a lot, but real cash for nothing? Well, not nothing. But you were going to spend that time playing for free anyways, weren't ya? Starting with zero, and earning up to $5.50 or more, is not bad at all!

It's a good place to learn, to hang out and chat with other players. It's a safe place to start small. It's online poker and it's grown quite a bit in the past 20 years, especially the last 10! But so has live poker. And this is good news! Enough people are playing, that you can make a living doing this. Well, I've done worse! This shouldn't be too bad ;)

Now don't think I'm not prepared, or blind to ALL of the pitfalls of ANY career. That's what research is for. Look before you leap, they say. Investigate. Burrow for the good info. Process. Weigh. Compare. Believe in yourself, no matter what career you choose. Create a new one if you must.

Online. for me (so you can have an Image). That is where I started. I vaguely remember playing PartyPoker, I think, once upon a time? I have also played at Absolute Poker, which is the same as Ultimate Bet I hear. But the poker stars I respect are on UB, like Annie Duke, so I'll try that one too. Doyle Brunson wrote some good books. I read the one about Online Poker, but still need to read the Super Systems. I look forward to it.

Lots of points to cover, insights to share, discoveries to show, etc... but I'm in 2 Razz tourneys while typing this, and better concentrate on my games ;)

ZomB Paradox