Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bad Results, Thinking Positive, Growing despite obstacles

My online challenge has been just that, a challenge. Thing are not going to well as I try to mess too much with my play, my stats, my tables, my stakes, etc... Focusing on VPP would be easy at a higher stake, but not so much at .05.
Bankroll Management needs to be respected though and is more important overall, so we'll just have to deal with that.
I'll post my dismal stats in a comment to the previous post.

But after all is said and done... I'll leave you with this. As I move forward.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BankRoll Challenge addition .. 100vpp less than 3 days.

They seem to think I can't do this. Get 104vpp more by the 31st, so I get my Silverstar before January where it changes to only needing 750vpp. So it's on.
I'm going to do this. With a $23 bankroll. At 5NL. Starting now!

You can follow on and I'm about to post a thread on 2+2 about it. I think people have performed greater feats. Not sure why this sounds so hard to some. But apparently people are already betting against me. Time for some Prop Bets.

Due to monitor restrictions (not on my home pc) I will have to do this 4 tabling. 6 at most but that will wear me down more. 6 screens won't fit :P

Wish me luck! Better yet, as always, wish me a clear mind and determination.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Can I catch KidPoker?

From Daniel's Negreanu's blog:

"8. Get to the $3-$6 level in my bankroll challenge. Yes I'm still doing and I'm up to the $0.10-$0.25 games on PokerStars. My ultimate goal is $100,000 but the odds are heavily stacked against that. I'd see it as a triumph if I can get enough of a bankroll to ante up in the $3-$6 game. I'll need to $1500 before I can buy in to that game, and I'm currently sitting on about $180 and am currently playing. If I lose my entire bankroll at anytime, I'll give it up. To follow the progress of the challenge I update it after sessions in the original post at Daniel's Blog Forum "

I am currently back from $12 up to $65 at the moment and grinding back up. I hope to catch Daniel and either pace him, or outpace him! ;) I've got a little more time to devote to my challenge as he has other duties. Perhaps it will inspire him to finish it sooner. It will definitely help with with friendly rivalry and motivate me :)


How do I get this into Holdem Manager? my MTT stats for the TLB for the past year.

Dear ZomBParadox,

PokerStars Tournament Leader Points for the period from 2008/12/26 21:00 PT [2008/12/27 0:00 ET] to 2009/12/26 21:00 PT [2009/12/27 0:00 ET] requested by ZomBParadox ( on 2009/12/26:
Tournament Game Date/Time Buy-In Entrants Place Points
134677201 Stud 2009/01/18 18:22 PT freeroll 8000 390 18.02
134677335 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/01/22 19:42 PT freeroll 6703 464 15.12
146300077 Hold'em NL 2009/03/15 0:22 PT freeroll 9000 248 23.97
162030201 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/05/13 23:42 PT freeroll 3460 359 12.35
164456920 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/05/20 13:42 PT freeroll 7000 249 21.10
164456932 Hold'em NL 2009/05/20 21:42 PT freeroll 9000 15 97.47
164457011 Hold'em NL 2009/05/22 13:42 PT freeroll 9000 524 16.49
164457021 Hold'em NL 2009/05/22 20:22 PT freeroll 9000 525 16.48
163878919 Omaha PL 2009/05/24 11:00 PT freeroll 6585 797 11.44
166260261 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/05/25 21:42 PT freeroll 3985 42 38.76
166260287 Razz 2009/05/26 15:02 PT freeroll 5624 451 14.05
166260294 Hold'em NL 2009/05/26 19:02 PT freeroll 9000 941 12.31
166260380 Hold'em NL 2009/05/28 21:02 PT freeroll 9000 148 31.03
167619243 Hold'em NL 2009/05/29 11:18 PT USD 0.10 360 15 26.65
166260405 Razz 2009/05/29 13:02 PT freeroll 6312 861 10.77
166260406 Hold'em NL 2009/05/29 13:42 PT freeroll 9000 913 12.49
166260409 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/05/29 15:42 PT freeroll 6451 500 14.29
167730004 Hold'em NL 2009/05/29 19:39 PT USD 0.10 360 37 16.97
166260420 Razz 2009/05/29 23:02 PT freeroll 3104 71 26.31
167757495 Hold'em NL 2009/05/29 23:05 PT USD 0.01 990 78 14.78
166260424 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/05/30 1:42 PT freeroll 3747 229 16.10
167592637 Razz 2009/06/01 19:02 PT freeroll 4824 688 10.54
167592641 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/06/01 21:42 PT freeroll 3991 301 14.49
167592643 Hold'em NL 2009/06/01 23:02 PT freeroll 9000 1032 11.75
168173072 Hold'em NL 2009/06/02 15:05 PT 20FPP 3972 310 27.11
167592713 Hold'em NL 2009/06/03 21:42 PT freeroll 9000 1232 10.76
167592785 Hold'em NL 2009/06/05 17:02 PT freeroll 9000 999 11.94
167592790 Hold'em NL 2009/06/05 20:22 PT freeroll 9000 539 16.26
170078211 Hold'em NL 2009/06/07 17:42 PT USD 0.01 990 149 10.70
170117871 Hold'em NL 2009/06/07 22:04 PT USD 0.01 990 48 18.85
170137110 Hold'em NL 2009/06/08 1:32 PT USD 0.01 990 102 12.93
169719667 Omaha H/L NL 2009/06/12 1:02 PT freeroll 5458 473 13.52
169719705 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/06/13 1:42 PT freeroll 3788 67 29.92
171726768 Hold'em NL 2009/06/15 23:02 PT freeroll 9000 374 19.52
171726869 Hold'em NL 2009/06/18 18:22 PT freeroll 9000 335 20.63
171726916 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/06/20 1:42 PT freeroll 3878 426 12.01
173555470 Omaha PL 2009/06/21 21:42 PT freeroll 6297 160 24.96
173555491 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/06/22 11:42 PT freeroll 7000 664 12.92
173555494 Badugi PL 2009/06/22 13:42 PT freeroll 7637 1111 10.43
173555527 Stud H/L 2009/06/23 11:42 PT freeroll 8000 612 14.39
173555536 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/06/23 17:42 PT freeroll 7000 185 24.48
173555538 Hold'em NL 2009/06/23 19:02 PT freeroll 9000 687 14.40
173555543 Hold'em NL 2009/06/23 22:22 PT freeroll 9000 293 22.05
173555601 8-Game 2009/06/25 12:22 PT freeroll 6000 259 19.15
173555607 Stud 2009/06/25 16:22 PT freeroll 7496 377 17.74
173555620 Omaha H/L NL 2009/06/26 1:02 PT freeroll 5059 338 15.40
173555673 HORSE 2009/06/27 12:22 PT freeroll 8000 527 15.50
175255432 Hold'em NL 2009/06/29 23:02 PT freeroll 9000 1098 11.39
175255456 Razz 2009/06/30 15:02 PT freeroll 6128 811 10.94
175255492 Hold'em NL 2009/07/01 15:02 PT freeroll 9000 1217 10.82
175255577 Hold'em NL 2009/07/03 23:42 PT freeroll 9000 1229 10.77
176530195 Badugi PL 2009/07/07 9:42 PT freeroll 6497 145 26.64
176530237 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/07/08 13:42 PT freeroll 7000 430 16.06
176530274 HORSE 2009/07/09 14:22 PT freeroll 8000 1012 11.19
183615403 Badugi PL 2009/08/02 17:42 PT freeroll 5894 300 17.64
185661343 8-Game 2009/08/15 10:22 PT freeroll 6000 290 18.10
187167158 Razz 2009/08/21 23:02 PT freeroll 3344 257 14.35
187196820 Hold'em NL 2009/08/23 12:30 PT USD 10.00 27041 2535 65.67
190418548 Hold'em NL 2009/08/26 20:51 PT USD 0.25 45 1 46.89
189501288 Razz 2009/08/28 23:02 PT freeroll 3376 244 14.80
190733946 Hold'em NL 2009/08/29 13:00 PT USD 0.10 4537 166 28.44
188959555 Hold'em NL 2009/08/30 11:00 PT USD 10.00 7559 862 59.54
191375370 Hold'em NL 2009/08/30 20:22 PT freeroll 9000 976 12.08
191369501 Hold'em NL 2009/09/06 12:30 PT USD 10.00 27538 1107 100.29
193371966 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/09/07 21:42 PT freeroll 3975 83 27.54
193372145 Hold'em NL 2009/09/12 21:02 PT freeroll 9000 1235 10.74
193236131 Hold'em NL 2009/09/13 1:00 PT USD 3.00 3178 90 89.84
195154978 Hold'em 2009/09/20 2:22 PT freeroll 9000 689 14.38
197687399 Stud 2009/10/01 22:22 PT freeroll 4440 588 10.94
197687400 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/10/01 23:02 PT freeroll 3372 218 15.65
200618723 Hold'em NL 2009/10/03 12:06 PT USD 0.10 360 6 42.14
200559743 Badugi PL 2009/10/10 13:42 PT freeroll 7060 156 26.77
203047181 SingleDraw2-7 NL 2009/10/17 1:42 PT freeroll 3954 500 11.19
203047207 2009/10/17 19:02 PT freeroll 7408 487 15.52
203040003 Hold'em NL 2009/10/18 12:30 PT USD 10.00 28170 3274 58.98
208692513 Razz 2009/11/02 19:02 PT freeroll 4304 567 10.96
219010027 Hold'em NL 2009/11/14 21:00 PT USD 2.00 2330 342 35.29
229010073 Hold'em NL 2009/11/17 22:00 PT USD 3.00 2175 102 69.81
229010215 Hold'em NL 2009/11/20 3:00 PT USD 1.00 3737 4 335.28
229111155 Hold'em NL 2009/11/27 20:00 PT USD 2.00 3849 83 92.08
213977435 HORSE 2009/11/28 2:22 PT freeroll 4744 439 13.08
208985282 Hold'em NL 2009/11/28 19:40 PT 10FPP 3042 85 36.72
229110003 Hold'em NL 2009/11/29 12:30 PT USD 10.00 32487 2281 75.88
213973271 Hold'em NL 2009/11/29 13:20 PT USD 4.00 1000 85 55.85
234010025 Hold'em NL 2009/12/03 21:00 PT USD 2.00 1906 40 93.34
219273619 Hold'em NL 2009/12/08 22:20 PT USD 2.00 1419 111 48.35
219273936 Hold'em NL 2009/12/10 18:00 PT USD 4.00 1231 138 48.63
219273621 Hold'em NL 2009/12/10 22:20 PT USD 2.00 1472 92 54.09
220788128 Hold'em NL 2009/12/11 1:38 PT USD 4.00 180 25 43.69
237011027 Hold'em 2009/12/13 18:00 PT USD 4.00 282 11 82.45
239011011 Hold'em NL 2009/12/14 17:40 PT USD 8.00 2599 233 64.01
217410929 Hold'em NL 2009/12/20 11:05 PT 20FPP 5793 539 24.83
Total points: 2,882.94

Thank you for participating.

Easy being a pro! .. yeah right!! UGH!

So far.. this transition into playing professional, is a BIG FAT FAILURE! This doesn't mean I will not succeed, but it does mean it will not be like winning the lottery. It will NOT be like getting a nice new fat paycheck with a career change.
It WILL be hard work. And lots of it! Hopefully that will get easier as I go, so I can enjoy this career, but hard work never hurt anyone. I just didn't imagine it would be this much hard work.
But as they say, anything worth doing is usually not easy.

And then this morning I am having a good session. But the bad sessions, they seem to be worse than the good sessions are good! we'll see what results, actual results, not impressions, turn up over the next couple of days. I've got about 6 weeks left? Time light the afterburners, and grind my life away to get a baseline. An accurate one.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Focused Drive in Poker, What really drives Me

My daughter of all people, is driving me to succeed. Inspiring me to put in more time than I thought I was capable of. Sure, if I was on my own schedule, could work 36 hours straight, then sleep as long as I need to, and then continue, I could certainly put in some Supernova Elite hours! But try to do that with a 9 to 5 job and a long commute. IMPOSSIBLE! .. or is it?

You see, my wonderful daughter, wants something more than a present for Christmas. She wants to see me on her birthday! (end of January) I'm so proud of her. It will be her 8th birthday (my son is 9). My children live in Indiana with their new family, and have another brother and sister now, so there are 4 kids.
I have had to come to California for a job, and it's not ideal, but it was necessary at the time. I've had health problems to deal with, so it was fortunate I was able to get insurance in the nick of time and make it through a dark hour.

Now that things are clear for a career push, I have been focusing on "getting somewhere". Not just succeeding at a chosen career (peace of mind) but making enough at it that I can deal with the distance between myself and my children. Either making enough to visit them often enough and take them on vacation, or being able to afford to live closer. I hope to do both.

I have wanted to play poker professionally, for years. One of the main reasons was the freedom it would allow me to work on my own schedule, to write and record music, and work on my books that I have yet to write. And a few other interests including some inventions.
But, there is an underlying desire, that no matter what I do, at whatever level, that I do what I can to make the world a better place. Writing songs, writing books, just living my life by example, whatever I do, I hope I make a positive impact. Even if I do not, I will not have any regrets about trying. And I hope my children fully understand this and remember it long after I am gone.

That being said, I am driven right now. I am LIVING poker. I work, then I play poker, and get a few hours sleep, and repeat for most of the work week, and catch up on sleep about once a week. This is not too healthy nor recommended, but it's better to spend such time on something that motivates you, than squander it on something that just kills time and leaves you unsatisfied with where you spent your time. ;)

I'm surprised no one has come along and expressed concern that I might have a gambling problem (don't gamble, it's -EV and not worth the reward in the long run) or I am spending too much time trying to get where I want to go. It IS good advice to enjoy the ride, you only live once, and ESPECIALLY enjoy your children, they are only young once. But since I communicate well with those close to me, I think they understand. In fact, some are pleased and excited for me, and following my progress closely, cheering me on, even helping out with secretarial duties! ;) (You know who you are!)

To be quite honest, I simply do not have enough income from my job to go see my children for Christmas, or even by my daughters birthday. So I have to figure some other way. I can make more money than I make from my current job (or any previous job in fact) playing poker. And I have been on this path for years, and am just now getting to where I can actually realize my goals. But it is NOT as easy as one might thing. Not even close! But, for me, this is by far the best way to accomplish my goals. Other opportunities may present themselves, and I will have to evaluate each one wisely, but for now, with current conditions, this is my best bet.

Poker players are a LOT better than they were 10 years ago. There are a lot more of us in general, but the average level of the game is MUCH higher than it was years ago. It reminds me of trying to make it to the top in professional sports or the music business. The better everyone gets, the higher you need to be in the percentages to make it there. And we are talking about the top 99.99% in the choice careers. For every .01% that make it to the top, 99.99% don't. This just an example but gets you thinking on the right track.

So who does make it? Anyone CAN make it. I'm a firm believer that you can do whatever you set your mind to, and if you do what you love to do, you are 10 times more likely to succeed.
To quote Daniel Negreanu and many other top players.. the ones who make it are the ones who are willing to put in the time. And that's where I find myself while writing this, putting in the time. It's 3:30am, and I'm researching my chose craft, blogging about it, and setting aside the next 3 hours to grind, and hone that necessary discipline to make it to the top. I have had 3 hours sleep tonight, 2 hours last night, and don't expect much more in about another 16 hours before I can think about sleeping again. Is poker really that hard? Well, no, it doesn't need to be. But for the road and time schedule I am on, it needs to be, for now. If I was near my kids and could spend more time with them, I certainly would be choosing wisely what time I spent on my career, because they are my priority, especially in their formative years. (I was Mr Mom for 5 years, and went from making $70k/year doing what I love to having next to nothing, but I wouldn't trade the quality time I got to spend with my children for anything in the world.)

I'm posting this, in part to share, and in part to remind myself, why I am sticking to my discipline, why I have discipline and patience written down as part of my poker goals. I have squandered my time in the past. I have squandered careers trying to change for other people (never again!). I have squandered a couple bankrolls by not being discplined, playing when sick, not knowing my tilt limitations, etc... (still less than $1,000 total).
But I have a good reason not to squander my time. My daughter had me in tears because she wants to see for her Birthday more than she wants a present. And that makes me feel like I've done a good job as a parent. That motivates me.

That's why I play poker!

Monday, December 21, 2009

the updated promised stats...

3rd after turnaround

3rd after turnaround.

3rd after turnaround..

There ya go.. now I'm off to grind then report LATER so I am not spening my grinding time, posting and surfing and being distracted ;)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Turning it around..

Ok, dropping down a level is not fun. Dropping down 3 levels was required for my mistakes. That's right, 3 levels! I went from .10/.25 to .01/.02 !

And it was a good move. I was taking a risk by playing at .25 and thinking I'd just redeposit if need be, and after 1 redeposit, I decided to stick to bankroll strategy and discipline. Not going broke is something that WILL be required, when I no longer have a "backup job". That day is coming soon, so it's time to sink or swim!

I was down all the way to $12 after some tourney entries. I won a limit tourney for $7.50 and used $5 of that for another tourney, but it's a fun regulars sort of thing, to socialize and keep those skills up to date. Other than that, I REALLY need to limit my tourney playing until I have time and bankroll to accomodate it.

I played from $12 up to $44 playing .05 today. I will remain at this level for a little bit before moving back up to .10

I'll post my improved graphs later.

Read 2+2 .. lots of good info there. Find the info that stands the test of time.

Bankrolls: 20 buyins, no more than 5% of bankroll in play. 1 buyin = 100 big blinds.
10 buy ins left = MOVE DOWN
40 buy ins left = MOVE UP

We'll stick to that with patience, discipline, and resisting temptation to quote :)


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Early on



My life as a fish... sharks got to start somewhere...

OMG. What a week. I guess, reluctantly, I will keep my promise to myself, to post all my results, great and small. Even Really Really ugly results. I am trying to reduce my prose to being entertainingly brief and to the point. So a picture is worth a thousand words. Ugh.

Which reminds me, I forgot what program I used to use to upload pics directly to my blog... was it Picasa? I shall have to do a quick search. Or upload to photobucket or something, If I can remember the password. ...oops. Entertainingly brief. Right.

Ok, they are posted on blog, you might have to click on pics to view them fully until I switch blog settings to allow oversize pics etc... or find a better way.

First couple are "the beginning" before I had a good hand sample size. I wasn't on a real heater, but had a few good hands and no really bad hands. Smart playing, like I "can" play. Now if I could just keep that consistent and improve upon that... but wait.......

THEN IT GETS REALLY UGLY! Ever wonder why they ask for 10k sample sizes for reports before asking for advice on 2+2? you are about to see why. I'm only around 6k hands, but you'll see how much it can vary.

Monday, December 14, 2009

How to concentrate when running deep but Shannon is distracting you!

Here is the VIDEO of Shannon Elizabeth in response to Ben Stiller on TV or something.. where did all my chips go????
Poker Talk... ocassionally I'll just paste a convo.. as it brings up more ideas and comments from readers as well...

ZomB: I airballed my last 3 big tournaments
ZomB: but I made $50 bucks in 30 mins last night in a .25 game!
ZomB: lol
ZomB: and I got 11th of 282 in a limit tourney, which I hate
ZomB: it's not how many times you fall or how hard, it's how many times you get back up and learn not to do it again
turnertim_2000: Right.
turnertim_2000: my online play was pretty solid this weekend though- some minor consolation there... I am only playing tournament and haven't yet become a profitable player. My bank was down to like 27 or so... and I hit 160 Sunday.
turnertim_2000: no huge cashes- two mediums and several smalls
ZomB: my tests indicate (and other collaborate) that the more reliable and steady income is the cash games, and the long shot is the tournaments. There are those that swear by sit n goes, but you need the TIME to dedicate to realize the larger variance and show the profit
ZomB: when i can spend 4 hours on a tourney and win 4x my money (but only talking 15 bucks here) and spend 30 mins and win 50 bucks... it's easy math hehe
ZomB: my average though is about $14-$20/hr with 4 tables
ZomB: I can run 9 tables on my monitor at home when I get that all done
turnertim_2000: over how many hands is that?
ZomB: 3 - 4 k?
turnertim_2000: I've been thinking VERY hard about making that switch.
ZomB: over weekend I didn't have holdem manager running
turnertim_2000: Also thnking about moving to stars a lot
ZomB: well i'm planning on doing both
ZomB: but while I NEED to build my bankroll, i'll be self disciplined about tournaments
ZomB: I've paid for the majority of my tournaments with my cash game winnings
turnertim_2000: and you are playing at what level?
ZomB: so I feel good about it, but i'm breaking even until I get a big win
ZomB: why do that when I can build my bankroll and then afford to play full time and have time for tournaments, it will be a break from the cash grind
ZomB: .10/.25
turnertim_2000: on Full Tilt?
ZomB: pokerstars
turnertim_2000: oh okay
ZomB: UB gave me 10 bucks.. I'm going to work that up to 100-200 at least
turnertim_2000: Stars is WAY THE HELL BIGGER than Full Tilt right?
ZomB: I'm going to take advantage of rake on UB, Doyles and FTP somehow
ZomB: stars is THE biggest
ZomB: FTP has been gaining but still about h alf as big I'd say
ZomB: stars has the TOUGHEST competition, but with so many people, still enough fish
ZomB: I keep hearing about how things are better for poker pros at FTP (lot of wanna bes from poker after dark ads, etc)
turnertim_2000: How much time/energy/analysis do you put into your table selection?
ZomB: and I know places like doyles, and other smaller sites will be softer at times and in certain areas
turnertim_2000: like, do you research the names of the players to find soft tables?
ZomB: enough so that it improves my bottom line, but not so much that it takes away from it
ZomB: it should be second nature, whether live or online
ZomB: i will do that as I use holdem manager.. I have been "marking" everyone I play on pokerstars for a while in NOTES
ZomB: C = cash, L=limit, ?=tourney, F=final tables, etc
ZomB: I h aven't figured out the table manager in holdem manager yet, and need to play at home AND at work too, so trying to figure out best way to transport and share data that way
turnertim_2000: I started the harringon on cash books and he is suggesting something that seems very counter to the style of play I am used to. Like, its not tight aggressive tournament play minus the meta game... its lots of "see cheap pots with hands like 97suited because nobody commits money without a monster so you need to have a hidden monster in order to win much"
ZomB: i would have to agree with that wholeheartedly
ZomB: I have been beat by people doing that often enough to learn to use it in my repetoire
ZomB: instead of losing with KK or AA, you start stealing wins from others playing them with your straight or flush, etc
ZomB: you can win more with a pair of 9's than with aces full sometimes.. based on how you play it
ZomB: i have greatly reduced the "i gotta pay to see" calls to when I'm 99%+ sure I've got the right read
ZomB: it's cheaper to let it go than be wrong too often
ZomB: i've got to read those books too.
turnertim_2000: I found in the SNG scene that there was a MASSIVE difference in the play at the 1, 2, and 5 dollar levels. I found it much easier to perform consistantly at the higher levels because there was some degree of "logic" behind most of the players.
turnertim_2000: I imagine that is true at the microstakes as well?
ZomB: yes
ZomB: though
ZomB: I do better against better players as well
ZomB: but...
ZomB: there is less difference between .02, .05, .10 and .25
ZomB: I'm expecting more of a difference up to .50 but one I will ENJOY
ZomB: 2 is tight, logical.. 5 is insane across the board, can be anything
ZomB: .10 is more logical tighter again.. with more variance than 2
ZomB: then .25 is a bit of a mix too, but looser than .10
ZomB: it makes no sense
ZomB: and this is for the times I play
ZomB: primetime and early day might be completely different
ZomB: most sites. and live play, as you go up in levels, you go up in competition and play ability as well
ZomB: it just isn't this way in the micros. and I suspect at every level there is a "least common fool" level where you get more fish than expected
ZomB: think of it as fish from all classes of life
ZomB: lower class, middle, and upper
ZomB: they are going to be playing at different limits
turnertim_2000: So are you going to make it this week???
Last message received on 12/14 at 1:09 PM
ZomB: should be short on cash tomorrow, but ok on wednesday
turnertim_2000: Awesome.
ZomB: I get my check deposited by wednesday morning, but that makes me short on tuesday
turnertim_2000: Tuesday is "Ken's game" and Wednesday is "my game" so I am more excited about building Wednesday anyway.
ZomB: I'll just have to catch caltrain and come back to work and stay
ZomB: easier than all the way home
ZomB: but I got to consider the time investment vs profit lost]
turnertim_2000: vs. live play experience
ZomB: it's a case of 'I got to run well enough to pay for the time missed"
ZomB: but I chalk it up to more live experience to keep my live skills sharp
Mind if I use your yahoo name on my blog?
ZomB: I've been editing the convo to not do so , so far.
ZomB: but it's more time consuming than just copy and paste
turnertim_2000: No I don't think I care. As long as context is included so when I ask an intelligent question and you give me a basic lecture- it doesn't look like I'm an idiot.
ZomB: I'm talking for my benefit as well, sharing my thoughts, airing them, makes them more clear, shines a light on any weaknesses
ZomB: you'll ask questions about things that are weak or dont' make sense, etc

Sunday, some results and numbers

While playing a limit tourney, $4.40, I got 12 of 282, for about 5 hours time.. made $11.00+

Tournament #237011027, Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $4.00/$0.40 USD
282 players
Total Prize Pool: $1128.00 USD
Tournament started 2009/12/13 18:00:00 PT [2009/12/13 21:00:00 ET]

Dear ZomBParadox,

You finished the tournament in 11th place. A USD 15.79 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

You earned 82.45 tournament leader points in this tournament. For information about our tournament leader board, see our web site at


Thank you for participating.

So afterwards, I decided I was going to play some .10/.25 for an hour. But, after 30 mins, I quit feeling good where I was up $50. That's $100 an hour. nice ;) I was running "goot!" and had kings twice, quad 4's, but the rest were made hands or didn't go to showdown.
I was 4 tabling, fast tables where possible.
I'm starting to request daily hand histories to solve my multiple pc playing.
We'll sort it out later.

My PC is almost done, need a DVi video cable, then I can 9 table on my monitor. Can only really 4 table on this one. When my bankroll can manage it, i will buy a 2nd monitor to give me an easier 12 table or up to 18 tables. That should hold me fine for a long time to come :)

As you can see, I should keep to cash games for a while, despite the nice promotions for the leader boards.

I'll try to get a pic of my stats and graph posted tomorrow.
See you on the felts.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Selection, Selection, Selection

I've got to catch up. I have gone through SEVERAL buy ins in recent times. Was up to about $280 with my initial buy in, but have since lost it all. Went on a donkspree when too tired, too distracted, etc... Following your intincts on whether you SHOULD play or not, is a good thing. Try not to get into a situation where you HAVE to play, but give it 110% if you do have to!

So although I've had some decent results, and they seem to come in flurries, in tournaments, I have to start focusing on Cash Games in order to build my bankroll. And choosing the right tournaments, the right cash tables, the right live games, etc... makes all the difference in the world.

I've got Hold'em Manager installed and working well. How do I use this info both at home and at work? What's the easiest way to transport/export the data?

I'll have some charts and graphs that show me going up, going down, going back up again ;) Soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pasting discussions with friends...

I am talking to poker players a bit more, so I am going to be pasting some of my poker converstations here, as they help improve our game. Everyone talking should be improving. Right?

" Did you start at the lowest stakes? How many move ups have you earned? or did you jump when you deposited more money? "

Last message received on 12/10 at 3:53 PM
ZomB: earned move ups? they are free, you move when you decide to
ZomB: I deposited 50 and moved to nl25 right away knowing the risk
ZomB: I could play 10k hands at nl5, then NL10 etc.. if I wish
ZomB: I actually was playing less levels when my cash was $250 ..
( I had about $100, and hit a MTT for $192 when i got 4th)
ZomB: would have been wiser if I stayed in my bankroll limitations, but I had to devise a plan, and test the boundaries
ZomB: Confidence is the only reason anyone needs 10k (or more) hands at a certain level to prove they are a winning player
(but if you feel you need, take as long as you wish, it's your life, time and money!) (nothing wrong with taking as much time as you need, and it's even advisable)
ZomB: if you are winning at nl2, you should be winning at NL200
(but you will usually find less fish at these levels. This not always the case. You should consider there will be pro quality players at EVERY level, even .01/.02)
ZomB: for me, I need to make sure I have the discipline to not play at certain times, to be patient during downswings, and to constantly fill my head with any little piece that is missing, or memorizing those "middle" odds.. not the top 15% or not the bottom 15% of hands, but knowing the territory in the middle by heart"

Most of my leaks come from playing when too tired, playing too many tables for the level of distraction at the time, not allotting the proper time for playing and sticking to it, not having my "warroom" set up optimally for the best play for the best amount of time available.

There is always room to learn more, in any game or endeavor. I should respect the fact that NL HL is one of the toughest games out there as far as total competition and spend more time on the other games that I am winning at, like Razz, Omaha8 (hi/lo), and Badugi! If I feel I must "conquer/master" NL HE first.. it may be a costly proposition.

I have always planned on playing multiple games, and hopefully winning multiple bracelets, and expect that NL will be the hardest to attain. If I ever attain any! The fields are MUCH larger these days, and it's possible to be a VERY successful player in cash games, and tournaments, and yet still not have attain a bracelet. I will NOT get too hung up on this goal. ;)

Edit: I have to add the following..

The only reason to take your time moving up is NOT confidence. It's ALSO becoming aware of the territory. The regulars, the sharks, the fish, who they are, where they are, WHEN they are playing, etc.... I find that sometimes when we make choices, the facts that turn up later, induce us to rethink those decisions, and in come cases, to make other choices. This might be one of them :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Recent updates, Outlast the Pros, etc

I think of all my best ideas for bloggin while travellin. I can't wait until I have a new battery for the laptop.

I did NOT win anything in the PCA Tournaments. No Bahamas the easy way for me! But it was fun. It doesn't look like I'll make it this winter, but you never know what might happen. It would be a blast.

I started using Hold'em Manager. Can't seem to get simple questions answered. Hate having to devote some of my limited time diggin through manuals and forums...

Like right now, I'm at 3 tables in tournaments, and the info from the HUD is blocking some of the cards. Annoying. I found the transparency, have it almost all the way down. But still times when the HUD seems lost, or TrYING to get in my way! Should be a quick switch to click it off when you don't wanna see it without having to turn the whole thing off!

The information is most useful AFTER a session. I've got to figure out how to post my stats, and WHICH ones to post beyond the basic stats screen and graph.

I've been playing anything from NL2 to NL25 .. .if .10/.25 is NL25.. then what is $10/$25 called? My bankroll says to play at nl5 for a while before NL10 and certainly a lot before NL25. But I am taking some risks, as I am in a hurry. Time is not on my side. Layoffs are coming, and while I job search, playing professionally is my backup if I don't land a new job! Sometimes, we do what we got to do.

Got a new home game to go to on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, to add to my regular monthly game. Gotta keep that live poker experience going.
And speaking of Live Poker.. I'm going to check out some of the casinos for jobs as a prop player. I can survive on that until I have my bankroll padded.

I have been planning on getting a small bankroll on EACH site, and at any casinos where I can trust the managment like at the Oaks. That way I can get a break from the regular routine, and be able to make money wherever I am, and take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves. Planning ahead.

I better get off here, I'm in 3 tournaments and just about on tilt because I gotta take a piss! :X

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Arrgh. Dedicated but still FAILed.

I was so worried about making sure I was well rested for the 3 PCA Freeroll Main Events today.. that I didn't even take home my new motherboard to finish building my PC. I might have stayed up too late trying to finish it. And just in case the 3rd tourney ran late, I went to work so I would already be there for Monday morning. Great plan, huh?

Real dedicated, giving up Saturday night, going out with friends, playing live, etc etc etc.. And guess what happened? I woke up with 30 mins left to sleep before I had to get up and get read, and hit snooze.

Didn't wake up until 2 hours later. 1800 or so in tournament from Blinding out. ACK!

3 Chances to win a Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure worth $15k and a badly needed vacation, to get to play with some of my Pokerstars friends in the Bahamas, and play in a tournament where I can win approx 3 Million? And I SLEPT through the first one???

Let's hope that the extra sleep I got serves me well in the next 2 tournaments. I look forward to the day when I can set my own schedule! I just might be a better player if I can SHOW up to the tournaments I'm entered in! Maybe.

Edit: I forgot to add that I did not put myself on Tilt because I let this happen. It's not the end of the world, and it is not affecting me. A simple conscious decision. I just file away the info and lesson learned for next time. Then I stamp "priority" because this has happened before! We need to learn from our mistakes in all areas of life, right? Especially Poker.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Reality. Acceptance. Change. Growth.

to quote myself: TheWookieWay "#mtt #poker to go from 10% to 90% is easy... to go from 98% to 99% is monoumental. To work with what you got regardless, is priceless.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dividing / Spreading your attention... how far?

Now there are some days where playing 1 table can drive me crazy.. but if it's an important enough tourney, I will give it my full attention. Not to miss a thing!

I prefer to play at least 2, usually 4 tables. I will not be playing more than that until my PC at home is built, which is much more robust than the ones I am using now. I have a 23" monitor with nice video card and at least 3 gig of ram. I will add a 2nd 23" monitor when I am able. This will make multi tabling a LOT easier to do :) I wont go blind!

So I've learned NOT to mix game types. Don't play a NL tourney with a cash game, with Razz game, with a HU game!
Distaster. You might play great until you suddenly have to pay attention to all 4 tables at the same time and at different paces. Not optimal. "yeah, i'll call .10 ... oops! I called 1.00 ??? ouch!"

And what am I doing right now? Playing 2 cash games at low limit, and 2 tournaments... and bloggin, and headphones, and reading Twitter, and Email, etc. etc. etc. and I just went all in when short with A Q offsuit... Oops. In a tournament, where I was in 6th of 24 or so a little bit ago, at the start of this blog entry. 18 get paid. See what I mean? I hope you appreciate this sacrifice to make my point!
Kiss that $5 tourney goodbye with the $230 for 1st where I was running good. I was ahead on the All In btw, lost to K J (other guy had J 9) straight to the King.

So, I need to stop bloggin while playin. I may blog less, but OH WELL! Bloggin don't help my bankroll.

I also need to stop playing when I'm sleepy, too hyper, on tilt for any reason, distracted, daydreaming, etc...

I spent all that time making my "habits" good ones... it helps if you are disciplined to make good decisions when you get tired but before you have decided you are tooo tired, too drunk, or whatever. What are you doing drinking when playin anyways?? :)

Why am I here bloggin? *pooooof*

How Low is TOO Low? When to Push in Tournaments

What is YOUR opinion on when to push in a tournament? I'm asking this question relative to Big Blinds (BB's) ... 20BB ? 10BB? 7 BB? 4BB? 1BB???

Obviously, you can come from behind with a single chip! The later in the tournament you do this, the more difficult it will be to accomplish.

It seems the average consensus with your average player is 10BB. It seems your good players will play all the way down to 3 or 4 BB. And some crazy players will push it all the way to a 0.5 BB! (usually when they are anted in with their last chip!)

I USED to play down to whatever it took. Then I started listening to those who seemed to know what they were talking about and pushing between 15 and 10 BB.

These days, I'm back to "situational". Depends on WHEN in the tournament, the cost to enter, the time it will take, etc... and whether I have any fold equity at all. Of course, I give away very little fold equity when there is a chance to knock someone out, and there is a chance that their range is pretty wide.

How many BB are you comfortable with before you start to worry??
In general, I'm comfortable with anything 20 BB or more.

I wonder what would happen if I was as patient in RAZZ as I am in NL HE?

I love Bankroll info.. good info is so scarce...

Victoria Coren on a lesson in bankroll management posted on

She talks about deciding not to go play a tournament that didn't fit her bankroll after recent home improvements. Wise lady.

I, too, have had to make similar choices recently as well. It's a very necessary discipline for a Poker Pro. I can't stress this enough. The number one reason a lot of GREAT poker players never make it when going pro, is because they need to be great at poker AND be an investment manager for their own bankroll.

I had to start my bankroll with next to zero money. No windfall, no reserves, no credit card, etc... Flat Broke. But there is a great satisfaction that comes from being able to say "I did this on my own". It's time intensive almost exponentionally from the bottom to the top, but a worthwhile trip if you plan on standing the test of time.

I look forward to reviewing this post in a year.

Stolen (blatantly) from Daleroxxu you, I mean Borrowed

10 Questions Not To Ask Me About Poker (because you won't like the answers)

For my non-poker friends and associates: (click above to see the original on Dale's site, hope he doesn't mind my stealing this to post here)

10 Questions Not To Ask Me About Poker (because you won't like the answers)

.. well just click on the link to go read it on his site ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Thoughts in Isildur1 news.. OPINION only

Over at Poker News Daily, I commented on THIS post :

Responses to “Isildur1 is not Viktor Blom (blom30)”

  1. TheWookieWay Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Alright, I’m going to add my 2 cents, just a “possible” opinion.. no facts here!

    Are we certain it is someone in Sweden? Of course not. Hacker 101 says “proxy, anyone?” Could be from anywhere in the world.

    If it’s factual, then it’s got to be someone with a LOT of money. That narrows it down quite a bit. But still, not that much.. quite a few billionaires out there, and a plethora of millionaires.
    Anyone who has that level of money SQUANDER away in a possible loss, has too much money on their hands. Takes “partying like a rockstar” to a whole new level… “partying like a billionaire?” … Wow.

    If it’s “promotional”, that is someone with a good mind in marketing is generating traffic and/or interest in Full Tilt. This would have to be an insider. There’s a whole STABLE full of LIKELY possible players who could be Isildur1. Very Plausible.

    Another very plausible idea, is someone is money laundering. All of the people supposedly involved playing against Isildur could be taking turns playing against each other. Anyone with that level of money to launder must be the type of person you’d like to avoid at the felt, in the alley, on the internet, etc… you won’t get me thinking too much more on that subject, just not safe. This would also be bad for poker in general, and is not something we need for it’s reputation right before a poker law reform.

    It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Doing something famous, and remaining anonymous, takes a certain dedication. It’s harder and harder to do in modern times. Just like bankroll discipline, does this person(s) have secret/communication discipline?

    PS… if anyone is accepting applications for “token tax-shelter poker pro pawn” to help out, you can reach me via email. ;)
    See you at the felts, both virtual and real.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

World Clock tool.. What time is it where YOU are?

Since I talk to so many players around the world, I thought I'd post this useful page I use to keep track of what time it is in other parts of the world.

Qlock <- click here

It's also useful for showing me how much daylight I've used up by sleeping in! Warning: If you are on Vampire hours, this may be a sobering experience... ;)

Where's Darvin now?

I'm finally watching the WSOP Main Event Final table on the internet.. while playing cash games. I was playing HORRIBLE earlier, knowing I should have gone to sleep. I was down almost 40% of my bankroll! I am now down only 20% now, with patience, no tilt, etc... I would have stopped playing if I couldn't keep my level of play up, and worried about it later.
The last thing I want to do, is feel I "need" to get even. I've seen so many people make that mistake and go broke after being ahead, or almost even, etc... If you are playing your A game, and not on tilt, your variance will not matter. It's NICE to always win, always be ahead, but it's not reality. So no need to stress about downswings, or overextend trying to "recoup" losses.

Speaking of playing my A game, I need to get some sleep! It's going to be a WAR tomorrow, and I look forward to it. Dream Job battlefront, Here I Come!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weak Points Your Game - other category

Just before breaks. How many times have you been knocked out of a tournament just before a break?
Just after breaks. How many times have you played not as well just after a break? If you play better just after a break, you are doing something right. If you play worse RIGHT after a break, change what you are doing. I have had both problems at various times. I watch for every little area to improve, and this was one of those that was a little elusive.

At home, I play where it is too COLD often. This actually affects my gameplay. And while I had more to say about this earlier, I don't now, so we'll save that for another time.

Blogging while I play. I should save that for an activity when I need downtime away from the game. Or when I am playing only 1 tournament. and not at all when I am playing Cash games.

Dream Job.. Final Tomrrow.. Really? I have a chance??

It's starting to hit me.. I've got a 4th and 2 5th's in tournaments in the past week. I've won 3 tickets for the PCA final on Dec 6th. Win one of those 3, and I'm going to the Bahamas!

Tomorrow is the PokerStars Dream Job Final. currently about 404 players. I'm figuring around 500 by tomorrow, at most? I like those odds. It'll be some fierce competition I'm sure. But it'll be fun :)
The Winner gets $5,000 a month for the next year, and $40,000 in Live Tournament entry fees. Wow. That's the Dream Job for me! Throw in a Racing sponsorship and it couldn't get any better! Well, maybe a record deal as well, and then we have perfection. LOL!
But seriously, if I win this, I'll be able to afford being my own sponsor. And though it's going to be one of the most hotly contested contests on Pokerstars, I'm feeling good about it.

PCA Freeroll Fantasy Main Events (I paid to win my satellites, how does that make them Freerolls?) on Dec 6.
5am PT, 2811 players
11am PT, 2831 players
5pm PT, 5843 players. It pays to be the early bird! That's going to be a LONG day for me.. I am entered in all 3 tournaments. Top 9 of each win a package though! Isn't that generous of Pokerstars? It should be a blast in the Bahamas!

I am looking forward to what is after that to focus on. Meeting my goals as I go, but setting up my warroom for optimum play still the main priority right now. (poker priority)
Bay 101 Shooting Stars is in March, WSOP in next June/July, WCOOP next September, ..
In light of all this tournament fun, I will still be concentrating on my cash games and live play as well. I have a couple poker friends to talk to about things and help with that offline theory that is good for your game. I think I underrated it before, but am beginning to see the light.

If things keep going this well, I won't need to worry about backing or staking, I'll be able to write my own ticket. Thinking positive always helps, in all areas of life.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Distractions, Stamina, Satellites, etc.. and a Royal Flush!

You know, I'd make a whole lot more posts if I stopped trying to make them while I'm playing :)
I was playing 4 tournaments earlier, and doing well in each for a while, but eventually, you'll make a small mistake here or there, or time out in this hand just before you click , etc...

I've had a goal of winning a seat in the Pokerstars Carribean Adventure in the Bahamas, and have been playing those satellites when I can. You can win up to *3* tickets for the PCA main tournaments on Dec 6, at 5am, 11am and 5pm (PST) So far, I have 2 tickets, so I'll be playing the 11am for sure, and have to figure out which of the other 2 will be best for me.. but if things go well, I'll win my 3rd ticket, and enter all 3! I had hoped to win 1, was glad to win 2, and am actually optimistic of winning a 3rd. Wouldn't have thought that a couple months ago.

I have won a few $109 seats for various tournaments, including the PokerStars Dream Job Final. It's on Nov 29th, at 4pm PST. The winner gets a $5k a month salary and $40k in tournament entries! For a year. Isn't that the perfect job for a new professional poker player?
Well, it is and it isn't. I would LOVE to take advantage of that opportunity. But just like winning the Lottery, it would allow for a different set of problems to be handled. Like becoming too lax, too loose, etc... Maybe earning your way there on your own would be more satisfying? More rewarding?
You wouldn't have to listen to the naysayers "oh he is just a pro because he WON a donkfest" etc.. But you will always get that sort of thing from at least SOME people. And you should never let it bother you. It's human nature that small minds will gossip. Most people grow out of it, eventually. Don't let it affect you, it can't unless you let it. Always remember that.

So I've been getting distracted from Bloggin. Had lots of stuff to write about, but have been too busy playing when I should be bloggin, and vice versa. Time to start writing stuff down.

It's only been about 6 hours of play time, but I'm getting tired, and know what happens when I try to play while too tired. I don't play my "A" game. And I should follow my own advice. Since I give it out so freely where it's not asked for ;)

Having the laptop fixed will allow me to write more while I commute, where I have plenty of time to think.

I better get back to building this bankroll. Been keeping ahead, even after paying for all my tournaments, etc.. Not even counting those $109 seats ;) ... Got a couple $215 ones to win for Sunday....
Until later.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Poker News, I have fun short live tourney, minor places in big tourneys online

So, what's the latest? If only I had enough time to play like this guy, who set the world record for hands in a day? ( as far as we know, rumors have it others have hit this mark as well) .. from our friends at PokerstarsBlog

The Brunson 10 are up to things.. and you can follow them on Twitter @brunson10

I played in a live tournament against my better judgement last night, and my instincts were right. I had a good time, but played worse than I have in a while. Not really bad, just picked bad spots a couple times, and should have played a lot more conservatively. Fancy Poker Syndrome. I have learned to NOT play poker online, in tournament or cash games, if at all possible, when my instincts say not to. This was a once a month home game among some friends, so I went anyway.
At least I look like a total newb for next time ;)

It looks like this was stuck in draft folder for a while...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winning Seats, and Ladies Tournaments

I hear Carbon Poker has a Ladie's Only weekly, and that reminded me to post about Pokerstars Ladies Tournament at the PCA, qualifiers online, info HERE.

Feel free to sign up through my affiliate banners here if you haven't already :)

I almost posted this on my personal blog, and my personal blog post on here! How embarrassing! Y'all dont' really want to hear about my person life, do ya? That's ok, I'll stick to poker here ;)

It's about time to head out to play some live poker, but I have a $100,000 tourney tomorrow. So maybe I'll play online tonight and watch a movie and get some sleep. But I NEED to keep that live practice going, part of my regular poker diet :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do you show cards when playing for cash Online or Live?

It seems to me, that few people these days are willing to show their cards, or their bluffs while playing online. Sometimes, they will live, a small percentage of the time more than online. It seems when everyone is having fun, people are more likely to show, AND more likely to have fun even when losing. This will keep people around longer, so it's good for your game, right? Yet, sadly, it's a rare sight online. I'd say 1 table in 15 or so might enjoy a good conversation, and maybe 1 table in 30 actually have a few people having fun! Here's to more fun if you see me at the felts, Live or Online :)
Why not have fun in everything you do in life? There are enough situations where you need to be serious, but even then, a positive attitude will go a long way to making things more bearable.

Now some will say they won't show, because it's better to keep them guessing. And I understand this philosophy, it's very logical and solid gameplay, for the most part. But if you are able to change gears, which is a must to play with the best, showing can be fun ;) Just make sure you don't outwit them so good that you forget where ya are in the hand!
Salute to "rocky144" on Pokerstars who I just won a big gamble against :)

Maint"ain"ence .. things to do!

I've got some updates to make to my blog, some charts I need to format for blog posting, some sites to review... and some money to make to add to my bankrolls on multiple sites. For now, my primary site is Pokerstars, but I have always planned on having enough of a bankroll on each of the sites to not miss out on any promotions, special tournaments, or cash game invites ;)
However, like any empire, we must build piece by piece, chip by chip.

Sites I plan to review and likely play on:
Ultimate Bet (played free, but never deposited yet)
Doyle's Room
Full Tilt

Primary concerns as a poker professional ... RAKEBACK! Time is money. The busier you are, the less time you have to waste, or spend somewhere for free when you can spend somewhere else getting paid. There are always exceptions though.

Last, but certainly not least, I've got a few posts to make on a variety of subjects, and with some luck, they might even be entertaining!

-Wookie aka ZomBParadox

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jeffrey Pollack Resigns from WSOP

Check this link on Tao of Poker for the info, it has several stories linked.

In unrelated news, this guy drove into a swamp with his pricey vehicle..

Life is busy, pc should be built this weekend if all goes well. I may have bought a bad motherboard and chip. or the new PS is bad. We'll see this weekend, pick up a guitar, and play some live poker in Concord. That's a busy Saturday to be ready for the Sunday Tribulations (online events)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WSOP Final Table Logos, etc

Poker Deals and Final Tables (like this one from Poker News Daily) are kind of, you know, funny. Your average Poker player may be all about the money, but not this one. Can you imagine if Racing teams jumped from Driver to Driver based on whether they were in the running for the championship or not? Sounds crazy, huh?
If I sign with a sponsor, it won't be a light decision. I won't endorse a product I don't believe in. Just like the good old days. There are always exceptions, but I for one, will not be sacrificing my integrity to reperesent something I don't believe in. They say I'm a good salesman, but that's not a job I ever went for, because I would have to believe in whatever I sold. I'll save my convincing for important things like encouraging people Be themselves, and to Believe in themselves!
I know one thing. I applaud Darvin Moon for not taking deals that didn't suit him. How often have you seen someone compromise what they believe in, just for the quick buck? It's refreshing to see something different.

That reminds me though of something I wanted to post about.. the Paradox of needing a sponsor when you have the ability but are poor, or not yet established, yet when you are established enough to garner the proper attention, you are often capable enough to no longer NEED a sponsor! Life is full of paradoxes like this.. and thus the name of my blog!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WSOP on ESPN 6pm PST 11/10/09

I was narrating live, for the WSOP final 2 players last night between Moon and Cada, when Twitter decided I was over the limit for spam and shut me down for a few hours. I didn't realize there was a daily Tweet limit! I guess I'll have reduce the retweets, and condense the hands into 1 Tweet in the future.
So with that, I ended up going to bed! And since I do not yet know who won, I can try to avoid the Net all day and watch it on ESPN :) *IF* I can resist the temptation... Do I want to? I'm not sure.
I'm usually the type of person who would rather know realtime. Unless I have something DVR'ed and can watch it later :)

Spoiler info!:
If you want to read about who won before tonight, check out Tao of Poker Pauly's post here :
I only recommend blogs I read myself.

After tonight, I will finally be able to work on my "between bankrolls" situation, and start building one. I'm still narrowing down computer parts, isolation in my room, a comfy 18 hour comfortable chair, and an optimum schedule with update revisions built in.

There are a couple bloggers out there with bankroll challenges and such that I need to catch up on, and will undoubtedly report about them and my own success, or lack thereof, here on my blog. Hopefully, I'll even find the time to be entertaining. Don't hold your breath though.

Monday, November 9, 2009

WSOP Final 2, Moon Vs Cada Live Reports

Moon looking strong.. Cada seems be the favorite of everyone the longer it goes on. Has he played enough to not let his youth get the best of him? Can he outlast the old man?? Will Darvin Moon keep it together and stick to his game? Things look good so far, but it's still anyones game. I'll check back later.

WSOP Moon all In, Cada folds.. Whew! and my Twitter died!

I was happily tweeting away, keeping up with the action, when I learned that there is a limit on Tweet status updates, so I will consolidate whole hands and tweet less often so I dont' disappear off the radar :)
Sorry to all those who were following and just starting to compliment me on my reporting. Fast, furious and just the facts, but I really do enjoy Pauly's reporting style better, along with Pokerati and Change100, you can't go wrong ;)
I posted a link from Pokerstars where they listed everyone who is reporting," find someone you know to follow if you aren't listening live..."
" listen in here, hit play"

More soon. I'll double check twitter in a few mins.

Tom "DURRR" Dwan joins Team FullTilt

Sometime when I wasn't lookin, this happened. I see several posts yesterday on friends blogs, like and and others I'm sure.

What else have I missed this week? Lots of moving and shaking going on in the business world as well as the poker world!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Foxwoods Leaders on Sunday

They plan on playing down to 10, but here are the top 10 of 27 now..

1. Soheil Shamseddin – $945,000

2. Lee Markholt – $812,000
3. Terrence Chan – $764,000
4. Matthew Stout – $687,000
5. Steve Brecher – $592,500
6. Michael Mizrachi – $575,000
7. Frank Calo – $569,000
8. Jason Mercier – $490,000
9. Alexi Lammi – $473,000
10. Eric Froehlich – $425,000

Darvin Moon and Joe Cada will be heads up in WSOP final

I'm so tired! But we are down to 2 players in the WSOP Main Event. TV on Tuesday night should be great, and I look forward to seeing those HOLE cards. There was a lot of raising and folding going on, and was a while before we saw a lot of all ins and calls.

Chip Counts:
Joe Cada 136,925,000
Darvin Moon 58,875,000

1. $8,546,435
2. $5,182,601
3. Antoine Saout, France $3,479,485
4. Eric Buchman, USA$2,502,787
5. Jeff Shulman, USA, $1,953,395
6. Steven Begleiter, USA, $1,587,133
7. Phil Ivey, USA, $1,404,002
8. Kevin Schaffel, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $1,300,228
9. James Akenhead, UK, $1,263,602

Thank you Pokerstars Blog for info when I was too tired to type or think :) Goodnight all!
Play resumes Heads Up Monday evening around 10pm, PST I hear. Not sure if it's EST instead, but we'll see :)

Edit: fixed some sleepy typos!

15 to 16 hours later.. 5 still left in WSOP!

It's been an interesting WSOP MAIN EVENT Final Table. It's the first one that I've witnessed realtime, and followed all the way from start to finish.
As has happened to me so many times, when playing perfect poker, no regrets, no mistakes, nothing to play better when evaluating hands after, Ivey got knocked out by Moon on a suckout. If it can happen to Ivey, it can happen to anyone, right? Yes, it can. That's the truth of the matter. Poker will never be as boring a Nascar race where the lead never changes, because of that.

Everyone has played smart poker. Only Moon has made a couple "mistakes" that people were going on about, but maybe that's because he IS the novice tournament player, and everyone knows better than him how to play and what they WOULD have done in his shoes. How easy it is to think that from the outside, hindsight is 20/20.

Most everyone has been trying to avoid going all in and risking races unless they have to. Even when they have had to, we have seen precious little of those. They will be able to reduce the Tuesday night broadcast pretty far based on todays play so far!

Shulman is shortstacked severely but everyone else is good, with Moon in 4th, and the other 3 in the 43 to 53 mil range. I believe Cada was in the lead when we went on break, but I'm tired an could be wrong :P see my tweets for updates.
upon inspection looks like Moon got a hand while I wasn't looking a lot closer to the others who are all under 50 mil right now. Moon still in 4th but for all intents and purposes it's a 4 way race at the moment and anyone's game.

Who wants to see Shulman make the comeback?
This one time, in Poker Camp, I came back in a Hubbles from 65 chips to get 15th! lol
yup, we're tired around here. Back to the felts.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Twitter, WSOP final 9, and some thoughts

I think the reason I started using Twitter was because of Poker and the WSOP! It was pretty cool to keep up with stuff faster than it was appearing on the web. I love the live broadcasts, even when they don't have video.

Despite everyone's concern about, and I quote, "the worst play ever at a WSOP final table", Darvin Moon is back in 2nd place.
Eric Buchman is going to make me eat my words. But that's the great thing about poker. It's taught me to make mistakes, and keep moving forward with a positive attitude. Let me find my tweets...
"Made some crazy predictions for WSOP,
top 3 Ivey, Cada, and Shulman.
middle 3 Moon, Schaffel, Begleiter,
Bottom 3 Buchman Akenhead Saout" (to quote myself)

I got Akenhead right, but Buchman going to make me eat my words with the lead, and Schulman got a long way to go to get to top 3. I like Schulman as a sleeper winner because he talks poker daily. Saout doing well too, and looking strong. Phil Ivey grinding away, and still a solid contender. I'd bet on him if I had anything to bet!

More later...

WSOP Final 9 is down to 7... reports, other news

Well I hadn't planned on blogging during the Final Table, but here's a couple posts... maybe I should find a position in reporting on major events.... wonder if it would get in the way of me Playing in such events? I should enquire from all my twitter friends, with a decent percentage of those in the poker news world, among others.

Moon makes a big raise, and get reraised, with 45 million in t he post, he has to only call 6.4mil, everyone screaming he has pot odds, etc.. how can he not call? He folds. This put him at 39mil. Everyone talks about it, he explains why, etc... remember not to let the crowd or what "other people think" distract you when in a major tournament, like the largest poker tournament in the world :P
This may be the most talked about hand so far.. except for ..

Schaffel out with Aces vs Kings, Buchman hits K and K for Quads!

Schaffel had already knocked out Akenhead with 99 vs 33. This after Akenhead had doubled up against Saout, with K Q vs A K, hitting a needed Queen on the river! Even on the radio broadcast, it was exciting play ;)

Current Standings at Dinner Break (7pm to 9pm):
Eric Buchman 55,175,000
Darvin Moon 41,950,000
Steven Begleiter 37,200,000
Antoine Saout 26,225,000
Phil Ivey 16,350,000
Joe Cada 11,650,000
Jeff Shulman 7,025,000

Kevin Schaffel $1,300,288 for 8th
James Akenhead $1,263,602 for 9th

Posting this, then getting back to some reviews/reading. And of course I have to go read the Tao of Poker! And PokerNews Daily, etc....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Week in Review, Bad Beat Weekend, Let's talk...

It was weekend of solid poker that got waylaid by river rats and bad beats. I’ll have to review the exact nature of this hand, but I was all in with K K vs A 10 and A 8 .. feeling good. Flop x Q Q. … Turn Queen. All I need to dodge is the 2 remaining Aces. River a 4th Q! I lost with King kicker to their A kickers ! Out of tourney. It should have been an easy triple up :(

How many times have I given the advice to avoid coin flips and all ins unless you have to? How many times have I run deep in tournaments by following my own advice? Quite a few! And yet, that is one of my leaks right now. When playing a wide variety of tournament sizes, Sit & Goes, cash games, you can forget you need to be able to change gears at any table at any time. Do I need to put post-it notes near my PC to remember? Do need to stick them to my forehead when I play live??? I will , if that is what it takes!

I have decided to start adding Poker Terms regularly to my blog, because of the length of time it took me to find out certain terms while reading books, magazines, etc…

Today’s Terms are about position. We all know the Big Blind (BB), the Small Blind (SB), and the Button. But the last player to go before the button is called the Cut-Off, and the person before that is the Hijack. I played a lot of poker, and read a lot of books before I finally realized exactly where those positions were. The term doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t affect your game. It’s just easier to understand when writing or reading about it to use these terms to describe a situation.

Which brings me to Poker Math. There is a lot of math to know, if you so wish. What you see on TV all the time is the hand percentages relative to each other in that hand. You can learn the math for Pot Odds, which is the odds you are getting if you win relative to the money you need to put in the pot to call. You can learn Implied Odds, which is what the odds WILL BE at the end of the round if bet and X people call/raise, etc… and takes a little bit of calculation/guesswork! You can read the future, right? Then there is reverse implied pot odds… etc…. I’ll stop here for a reason.
For some players, having all that information, will help you with your balance sheet on your decisions on whether to call or not. The more mathematical, OCD, anal retentive, scientific, etc… the more likely this info will help you. You’ll start sounding like some of the pros “well I’m getting 2.5 to 1 if I call…” etc. You can learn the exact percentages, down to 54.4545 percent.
HOWEVER, the less mathematical you are, the more likely all this info will just get in the way of making a sound decision. Depends. Everyone advocates learning it, memorizing it to the best of your ability if you are going to play poker for a living. Goes with the territory.

But, you CAN play very successfully without the exact odds. Learn what you can, but don’t let it bog you down. There are only 52 cards in a deck. 4 suits. 13 of each suit. If you have an inside straight draw, there are only 4 cards that can complete your straight draw. If you have an open ender (can complete on the top or bottom of your straight) then you have 8 cards to complete your straight (4 high and 4 low). If you have a flush draw (4 cards of same suit) there are 9 more cards of that suit, so you have 9 outs. If you have 2 pair and a flush draw, you have the 9 plus 2 plus 2 , for 13 outs. This is a much easier way for most people to deal with the above math. Don't forget to subtract cards that won't help you or will hurt your hand. There is no feeling like praying for a 9 to complete your straight, getting it, but it's the 9 of Hearts, and it completes your opponents Flush.

Let’s take it one step further than most books point out. If you need a high card (10 through Ace) and 8 people called to play this pot, odds are the majority of them have high cards. There will always be exceptions, but in general a lot of people in a hand means more high cards are taken. If you need a low card and there are 8 people in the pot, the odds are increased that your low card is not taken. The majority of those staying in have high cards most of the time, right? The reverse is also true… if you need a low card, and 8 people folded pre flop, your odds are increased that your card was FOLDED. This is a MINOR point, but is part of the “advanced” class of probability. It’s like knowing the difference between a 54% vs 46% and 56% vs 44%. Minor but still a factor.
Math is a science. Anyone can learn it. Poker has a lot of variables involved, and there is a lot to know, so someone may have a very slight edge by knowing all the math. Keep that in mind. The more you play, the more the math averages out in the long run. But you need to be able to deal with the lovely thing called VARIANCE. That’s how much things can lean left or right before they balance out in the middle over time. Those long leans in 1 direction can make you superstitious!
Reading people, is a people skill. It’s an ART. This is what keeps the math geeks from ruling the roost in Poker. Arts are not like science. They are not exact. You can be wrong! But if you are right more often than you are wrong, and you use this skill wisely, you can tell when to hold’em and when to fold’em as the old song goes. More on this later.
I’m watching Darvin Moon have a great day on his way to the Final table in the 2009 WSOP, and noticing a few things. He’s been running lucky. He knows it, he’s said it, etc…. He flops a flush, King high. That means there is still an ace out there. His opponent flopped a flush too. He slow plays it, calls and doesn’t raise til the river. The board pairs. Now there is a chance for higher flush draw, and a boat (full house), which will beat his king high flush. We’ve all had it happen before right? That’s poker folks! I hear Brunsons voice everytime. I think there was a couple more hands where he slow played a good hand, but one that could have been beat. How many times you slow play your set of aces, only to lose to a straight or flush? Make sure you got a good read when you do this, because it could cost you!

That’s enough for this evening. Until next time folks.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lots of points to cover and Taking Suggestions

Health issues have kept me from posting much, or even playing much poker.
I haven't been on UB at all, and from I can see, I almost regret deleting my AP account so I could make a UB account to go play with Annie Duke, and the others there. From what I can see, Absolute Poker has better customer service. Maybe a resurrection is in order. I'll email them.

What would you like to see in THIS blog about poker? or anything that I have half an opinion about? Because I'm in an opinionated mood and going to write this month :)
I care about what you think. You have source here to ask questions or talk about things that are important to you.

But I am feeling much better, and have a lap top so I can write more. Even when I can't get online with it, I'll be able to write down all those things that keep meaning to when I am traveling. I'm even going to write on my personal blog that rarely gets touched.

My guitar used to be my therapy, but I haven't replaced my last one, and need another source for therapy, so my blogs and my poker will get a lot of attention. Until I am creating music too. But I'm sure I can find some way to mix the two. or three. I have too many hobbies/careers/interests ... but c'est la vie!

More tomorrow on the following subjects:
Poker and Leaks in your Game
Online Attitudes and Behaviour
Bankrolls and management
My favorite players and Why.
People Change - Mike "the Mouth" Matusow, Phil "the PokerBrat" Helmuth, etc...
How Deep is your Game? (sounds like a book title! hmmm, another idea? I'll wait til people insist I write a book before I do)

Good luck on the felts! and everywhere else too.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Health and Playing Poker

It's good to know your limits. I know a lot of people who know better than to play while drinking, and a few that don't! Same for any other mind altering substances, and any sport, job, etc....

However, when you are sick, sometimes you got to work. An employer may prefer to have your partial performance, over no performance. But what about your poker game? Should you play while sick? What are you limits?

I've learned, that I can still play sick, if I need to. But I've also learned, I will only play sick, IF I NEED TO! Whenever I can decide NOT to play while sick, I will choose not to.

I have been sick, to the point that I've only gone to work, and come home and slept, and nothing else for over 2 weeks. I went to the doctor which I never do, and got some tests done. They didn't find anything out, and want to do more tests, and I will get them, because I know something serious is wrong.

However, I am finally feeling better, and will start posting again. I have a lot of other blogs to catch up on reading. I have music to write, people to go visit, and accomplishments to acheive. I feel like my life has been on hold, but I am back, and finally playing poker. It was killing me not to play, but after I sqaundered some of my bankroll, and I had to admit that the small percentage change in my playing, was having a larger effect on my bankroll.

Ah, patience. Not one of my virtues. But a necessary skill. Time to get back to the tables and check out these Double or Nothing Sit N Gos!

See you on Pokerstars! (or occasionally Ultimate Bet. I should be in Aruba!)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dispelling Myth's and Superstitions..

"Lucky in Love, Unlucky in Cards", and vice versa, seemed to be a mantra I lived by. If my love life was going well, I stayed away from cards, or any form of gambling. And when my love life wasn't going so well, I'd really enjoy playing cards. Like I have for the past few years! ;)

But what is really going on here? If you want to be superstitious, you go right ahead. Myself, however, having decided to be a professional poker player, can't afford this luxury.

What is really going on mentally? If you are lucky in love, odds are, you're thinking about things other than the task at hand, quite often daydreaming, and that is affecting your results. No matter what you do :) How often have you had trouble in school or work, because you are falling in love? (or have seen this happen to others?)
But too much of anything is not a good thing, so always remember balance in all things. Moderation is an underrated idea. It seems to be an integral part of happiness.

So, conversely, if you are having bad luck in love, Poker might be a welcome distraction and give you some enjoyment, and therefore it is easier to concentrate on. A simple logic problem. No voodoo here :)

Everyone is different, and at a different place in their life. Life is an evolution, a growing process. But being aware of such things can help you to make better decisions in all things. Just like learning the odds in poker. Just like reviewing companies before you invest in stocks. Etc etc.

Good luck on the felts, even though confidence and knowledge will serve you better :) Perhaps I can send you away with both.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tournaments this week, and the WCOOP

WCOOP Event 7, 1 million guaranteed hit 1.567 million, with almost 16,000 entrants... I had a good run! I had hoped to meet Vanessa Rousso on the virtual felt, but it was not to be as she was knocked out around 4400, and I around 3500.
It was a good run though, and I know the one mistake I made. I let myself be distracted. Doing so, I got involved in risking an all-in where I didn't need to. Something I've seen quite a few pros do lately, and the reason for their eventual demise in tournies where they were doing well, or at least running deep.
I'm still a relative newbie when it comes to big money tournaments, but I've trained well on Pokerstars with many a Hubble's Freeroll, and sit n goes, etc... training that will serve me well in my future.
Establishing good habits will help you a lot when you DO find yourself on tilt, distracted, not feeling well. You are more likely to make a smart play by instinct.

At the Oaks, I entered my 2nd ever live tournament, over 90 players, with 1st place getting $5,280. I was very happy with my play, and feel I made no mistakes.

I'll repost my comment from below so I don't have to type it all again, as I am no literary entertainer, yet. ;)

"I will get a couple posts up this weekend, but I got 12th in the tournament at the Oaks on Wednesday, just missing the money at 10th. If I had realized the guy I went up against had me covered, I wouldn't have risked it, even though I was way ahead with top 2 pair. He got his flush, and I did not get a boat to save me, but I have no regrets in my gameplay all night long.
Had I won that hand (which I wouldn't have risked if I didn't think I had him covered) I would certainly have been the chip leader again, and probably had a top 3 finish.
I found out later that 2 through 9th took a chop, with one person taking 1st."

I DID win an entry into the Sunday 1/4 Million tomorrow! Keep your thoughts positive, or bring the competition if you are in as well. Good Luck to anyone and everyone in the tournament.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Work, Work, Sleep, Poker, Sleep, Work, Work..

Not enough hours in a day... when I am finally playing FULL time and have the LUXURY of making my own schedule, it will be a wonderful thing.

This week has been good for poker, when I've been able to play. Lots of working.

Yesterday I play a 90 man sit n go, NLH, and got 1st! That was fun too. I was playing my A game, but I'd have to say that I felt I was getting pretty luck cards for a change instead of complete crap. Because of that, I think my Fold Equity was pretty high, as people kept folding around to me, and folding to my value or blocking bets.
We'll see how long it is before I win another one....
It's not like I haven't won some before.. but I'm eager to land a 6000 person or more tourney in 1st. I've gotten 15th twice and KNOW I can do it, but it'll feel good to log some wins.

Played a live game with friends at a house, approx 20 players, for a HORSE tourney.
(Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, Eight or Better Omaha) LIMIT TOURNEY.
I *hate* Limit games.
I got 8th though.. paid down to 6th. It was supposed to pay down to 9th, but we had some no shows (you know who you are!!)
There was a fine mix of talent and novices there, so it was FUN!

I'll have to look at what we are playing next month ;)

Even though I *hate* Limit games, I've been forcing myself to learn them, just like every other variation of poker. I'm trying to make sure when I finally sit down with the pros at HORSE or 8game mixed, I can hold my own ;)

Things are going well. Mark my words: It's only a matter of time before I AM sitting with the pros. I wonder how long they'll call me an amatuer?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Having Fun!

Off to a good start... up 10% on the day after playing a large variety of tournies, sit n goes, and cash games. And enjoying my time at the table.

I've got my database up to keep track of my stats, and be able to review my play where necessary.

Still setting up my schedules to see when and where is the best time to play.

Time to give my secretary a raise to keep me focused! hehe

Watched 2months, 2million ... will be an interesting show, and informative for family members that aren't fully aware of what my 2nd job is all about!
For whatever reason, the show was on G4 but at 10:30pm instead of the advertised 9pm. Will have to note my calendar.

Speaking of calendars, have a good start on my tournament calendar. Got a dryerase board calandar to keep track of playtime and upcoming tournaments.

Time to shopping for a laptop. Still researching all the pertinent info for what my minimum requirements should be.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

FINALLY! Deposits made, and we're off to the races!

After much fussing around with various deposit options at Pokerstars, I got my bank accounts situated, and got my deposit in. It's time to build my bankroll here, soon to be followed by a couple other sites where I can take advantage of first time deposits and play a few tournies with friends, but the lion's share of my time will be spent on my first home, Pokerstars.
If you want to join me, click on my banners for Pokerstars here and I'll get credit, and thank you very much!

I played some live games in the San Francisco bay area... lots of good casinos in this area. Occasionally you'll see some noteworthy people. I report here the more interesting of these meetings ;)
Only notable this week was that Dr Pauly drove through on way to Phish concerts that he seems to be following around the country, and Phil Helmuth was playing golf at Stonebrae.
Oh wait! There was this one interesting side point... met a friend of a friend who slept with Phil back in the day ;) lol .. it's a small world! ... back to poker now.

Played in some tournaments today, nothing much to report... got 947 and 290th places. Freerolls. I have been concentrating on work and school, so I haven't been focused on poker much, except to get to where I can finally focus on it. I'm here!

Though my official first tourney result, for a 20 cent tourney, was ... I slept through it! Had about 1.5 hours to nap before it, and thought I'd take a quick nap.... and slept right through it!
Now that's a great way to start of my ROI tracking!

Playing in a live game with friends in bay area, HORSE this month. Will be entering in a few of those on Pokerstars or Ultimate Bet (do they have them there?) to be fresh. I think this tourney is on the 25th. I must arrange transportation or perhaps a motel room that night.

Current Book I'm reading:
"Professional Poker, The Essential Guide to Playing For A Living"
by Mark Blade
I highly recommend this for any professional poker player or anyone who's seriously thinking about it. It covers stuff lots of the other books leave out, is well written, and is my favorite and most useful I've found so far.
Next up... Mike Matusow's "Check Raisin the Devil" for entertainment, before the next poker theory book... if you are going to play pro, might as well read them all!

Playing on Pokerstars now, come join me at the PLAY MONEY tables, Phoenix tables, or find me in the cash games or tournies :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Poker sites and online confidence

It's amazing just how many people think that online poker is rigged, whether it be at the major sites, or social network gaming.

Having checked things out thoroughly over the past year, I can assure, 90 percent of the places you would play poker are certified legit. No conspiracies, no rigged dealing. It's totally random. So random, that it "feels" a little different than live poker, but is truely just perfectly random.

Pokerstars, and some other of the bigger sites, have their software tested, and the results posted, to insure player confidence. It's in their best interest to NOT have any kind of cheating or bad software ever. And they back this up with proof.

Some of the smaller sites, web games, and similar places I cannot vouch for, but if they want to keep their players, they will make sure their games stay secure.

Boku87 and his Pokerstars challenge!

I'll be following Boku87's progress in this challenge. I have plans to try something similar on a more casual level, for now. ;)

Edit: changed link to main link on Pokerstars, where you can find all the update links :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pokerstars rare sign up bonus, AND a Reload bonus too

It doesn't happen often on the biggest online poker site, Pokerstars, but here it is, and wonderful timing for me and my first deposit ;) I'm a happy camper.

Two different codes, make sure you enter the correct one! It's definitely time for me to update my Pokerstars affiliate info and get you all the links here on my blog.

World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) satellites running now, for this Sep 3 - 20th
Lots of poker fun in the near future. It's going to be a fun summer.

There is more interesting stuff at this link, but I'll promote the funnest part:

Fund Friend

Give your country’s qualifying chances a boost by making sure all your friends play! Use our ‘Player to Player’ transfer feature (conditions apply) to transfer as little as $1 to a friend so they can play in a $0.20 tourney and join your national fight for points. As a reward for your generosity, we will award $50 to anyone who makes a transfer to a player who uses it to play in a $0.20 tournament and makes a final table.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Update

Face the Ace aired for the first time last night, but I missed it! I'll be watching for the replays or watching online if available. I love Poker After Dark, so I will hopefully enjoy this as well. After all, Ali Nejad has to do something besides post us wonderful rooftop pool pics! :)
Post your comments if you have an opinion about the show.
Here is a copycat, I mean someone else doing what I had planned, with building a bankroll from next to nothing. :) And someone for me to take notes from ;)
'Boku87' has achieved some impressive things in his poker career - he was a Supernova Elite 2007, successfully completed a challenge to turn $100 into $10,000 in just 14 days, and finished 14th in the EPT Grand Final in 2008. However his latest challenge will be the biggest yet!

I think Sunday Updates are going to be a required weekly post to help keep me on track ;)
Scott Ian's Home Game promotion... sounds like a blast :)
It's always fun to mix racing, RocknRoll, Poker and other interests all into the same area, more fun that way :)
This is one of the more useful sites for rakeback info, and run by one of the people I met and chat with on Twitter. Thanks Earl! I hope you'll be sending me Christmas cards thanking me for all the money I'll be making you ;) and by the way... mine is

PrePaid Visa's and using them for over seas... Green Dot is domestic only! So you can't use it on your favorite poker sites (in most cases). Because of current laws/regulations, online casinos and sites are not located in the US. Hopefully, the PPA will help get that changed, and it will HELP our economy. Sound like a Win - Win situation? Yeah, me too!
Guess I'll use this one to pay my phone bill and get a new ringtone. The default ones for Boost Mobile are annoying and purposefully minute!

BOOST Mobile Phone, base phone $50 (I spent $60 for the one with no slip grip and blue tooth) and $50 a month for unlimited Talk (anytime), Text and Web. Perfect for me. They no longer seem to have network problems with long delays on texts. The only con for me is they charge a dollar a day on days when you use SMS texting (lesser text form but more widely used world wide) but unlimited number of messages. So I don't have some of my emails set up to send to my phone because of this. I may get to the point where I don't mind adding $30 a month for the convenience of not having to log into anything to save time... but not right now.

I've played a few different online web based poker games, and the social networks such as Myspace, Facebook, etc... My new job at, we have one coming out, so I get to play poker at work, a little bit. (not as much as you might think) for US, French, German, and England